prospector (beta) - leads inbox

I have notice the new prospector (beta) in the Leads inbox, and it looks brilliant 

I went to check on the knowledge base info and notice that only admins will be allowed to move these prospects to Leads. 

it would be great if we could have the option to allow some regular users this option 

Similarity to the access options we give interns of "excel download" or "updated won time"

this would be extremely helpful

Much appreciated thank you

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  • Desiree Morton
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    I would like to add, when trying this new feature., it does not detect duplicates until you add them as a lead

    However by then, we would have used up a credit for a lead which we already have

    maybe there can be the a trigger If a contact email already exists in Pipedrive it will show as already exist rather than to add a new lead and then only to find its is duplicate .


    Thank you