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I have done an automatization that consist on: when I mark a compay as a lost for a specific reason, I create a task. This task is in one year.
Now I will like to go a step further. When I mark the company as a lost, we would love that automatically appears to me the task, where I can decide the due to date. And not always in one year. But always the same task. Just that the task will appear automatically, and I decide the date.

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    Você pode criar um campo que indique qual a frequencia de contatos você quer fazer

    Exemplo, empresas tipo A quero falar a cada 90 dias, B a cada 60 dias

    E cria uma automação para cada uma destas variáveis.

    Perdido + empresa Tipo A = crie atividade para 90 dias

    Perdido + empresa Tipo B = cria atividade para 60 dias

  • Create a custom field for single choice options in the Deal, with options: 60 days, 90 days, etc.

    For each choice, create an automation to create  activities, based on the value of this custom field and the desired due date.

    Before marking the deal as lost, update this custom field to indicate which time frame you prefer.