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Charles Kilzer
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I use Hubspot for email generation and tracking. How do I integrate Hubspot and Pipedrive?


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    You will have to elaborate what you're trying to do. :)

    What is the trigger, what is the action?

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    I'm running a little behind schedule. For a while, I was debating the same topic utilizing Pipedrive's two-week trial. I enjoy Pipedrive's clean design and email inbox feature, which allows you to react to emails in Pipedrive while also keeping track of your whole interaction with that person.

    HubSpot provides a lot of tracking emails and templates, which I really appreciated. Finally, I chose HubSpot because it was free and appeared like it would allow me to do a lot more in the future. Pipedrive would be my choice if they were both free.

    After all if you still facing any issue about CRM integration I will suggest to follow these guidelines (