Would like leads user interface to look more like the deal interface

Alan Beard
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I have been using the leads feature for about a week now and keep on hitting issues where I want to interact with the lead in the same way as I do deals. Some examples

Be able to see contact name and company in the summary view

Be able to enter the contacts job title 


As a summary I like the idea of treating enquiries as leads but personally I am struggling to understand why the user interface and functionality needs to be different. For me it would be better to treat them in the same way as deals but just exclude them from the deals analysis

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  • Vladimir Dubakin
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     Thank you for the comment, Alan, as well as feedback in regards to Lead section!

    The reason why those features are not supported in Leads inbox is because lead is a new entity in Pipedrive that we introduced (and we cannot unfortunately just add it to be working alongside the existing features).
    Thus, all features - such as custom fields, custom columns, advanced filters, email integration, have to be developed one by one, integrated, as well as tested, and only then - introduced to Pipedrive.

    I passed your feedback to the Product manager and he advised that we do plan on supporting the functionality in Leads inbox, but it’s just going to take more time and be a gradual process of update.

    Thank you once again for the feedback, it is appreciated.

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  • Alan Beard
    Alan Beard Posts: 6
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    Just to be clear the point I am trying to make is please don't invent a new interface for leads, just use the deal interface but filter leads out of the deal analysis and displays.