Lead Allocation Issue: HELP

Adam Nelson
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Hi Guys

I'm stuck on a lead allocation issue. 

I have jotforms that capture contact info and postcode/zipcode that sends to Pipedrive. 

In Pipedrive, I have 17 teams that are responsible for a territory. A territory is defined by set postcode/zipcodes (approx 200+ per territory). 

My issue is, how do I assign leads based on what territory they fall into (and this what team they are assigned to) without having to add 1000's of postcodes one by one to the filter function. 

I've looked at Routerjet but no functionality for it. 

Any insight is appreciated! 


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    Hi Adam,

    There is a tool on Pipedrive Marketplace called Mapsly which can geocode your Leads based on the address field and then assign them to a territory that they fall into. All of this can be set up in less than 5 minutes.