Direct Deal/contact linking from activities needed

Josh Rugg
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Activities should be linked to the deal so you can jump from the activity directly to the deal. Currently, if you have an activity open, but you want to go from the open activity to inside the deal, you must close the activity, go to the pipeline, select the deal, or look up the deal in the search window. The deal assigned to the activity should have a direct link to save time. Examples follow: 



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  • Inês Batata
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    Thank you for your feedback @Josh Rugg !

    We've recently implemented some improvements in the user experience for activities and I can see how your suggestion could be useful too. I've made sure to let our team know to take it into consideration in future developments.

  • Stephen Cummings
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    I agree. When you have opened an Activity (from the Activity view), it should be possible to access the underlying record, typically a Contact or Deal. Maybe add an option to the "..." menu item on the Activity?