No Refund Policy Not Aligned with Product

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The Pipedrive product is really great.  The customer support is really great. The subscription and billling policy is NOT GREAT. Why is the product and subscription service so misaligned????

  • POLICY: You can add a user/seat anytime. You’re billed immediately for the service remaining in the month to start that user. The cost is discounted by the days remaining in the month.
    • ISSUE 1: You can remove a user/seat anytime. BUT you’re not refunded or credited for the remaining days in the month. 
    • ISSUE 2: You can remove a user but if you don’t delete the seat, you will be billed for the user. The need to remove a seat when a user is removed is not stated/prompted during when removing the user. This results in billed seats that aren’t used.
    • ISSUE 3: Pipedrive has a no refund policy. 

How is these policit’s aligned with a customer centric company or product?

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    Hi @Devereaux , we appreciate your feedback and are sorry to hear you're having a negative experience with this.

    The Community is focused around exchanging sales and marketing tips and ideas among members, so it's not the adequate place to discuss this topic. Please reach out to our Support team to discuss this topic and clarify any questions. Thank you.

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    Thank you for the feedback, @Devereaux !

    I took the liberty of replying to you personally, hope you find my message well.

    And thank you again,

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