sending an standard email to leads


I would like to send a mass mail to about 1000 imported leads. It seems not to be possible with the leads category. What did i miss?




Martien from Oliver IT

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    Hi @Martien Merks !

    Currently it's not possible (yet) to send mass emails from the Leads list view, but this is in our plans as well as many other improvements we want to add to Leads. I've taken your feedback and forwarded it to our team. 🚀

    For the time being, emails can only be sent to Leads manually. The email message won't show up in the Lead view or be linked to the Lead, but it will show up in your Pipedrive Inbox's "Sent" folder. We understand this is not ideal, but Leads is still in beta phase and we have a lot of plans to make it stronger. 

    That being said, here are some pro tips to stay on top of things: