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Hi there, 

We've been trialing the forecasting and Insights features the last few years, and thought worth consolidating feedback for Pipedrive, for future features and development. 


  1. Insights/Reports for roles - Management V’s Sales person, have trialed  forecasting feature with the professional plan several times, however its useless  for Managers/Management.  Need to establish gross margin, forecasted revenue in multiple periods and dashboards.  Ideally Pipedrive can prepare default reports per user type (Manager V's Sales person) to take out the effort of having to create them for each.
  2. Goals - this is a critical feature that must be able to reported in Insights, for all plans - business goals and individual goals, as this aligns and measures success for all users of Pipedrive
  3. FY period - add option for default FY period eg. A) 1 Jul - 30 Jun or B) 1 Jan - 31 Dec.  Australia FY default period (1 Jul - 30 Jun) - NOT 1 Jan-31 Dec,  selection avoids users having create custom FY dates every report/filter
  4. Multiple dashboards option for all plans - should be able to have multiple dashboards, not matter what plan users are on, and different insight reports, for all plans.
  5. Security - as matter of principal, security features (2 step verification, single sign on etc) should be available for all plans, not just some
  6. Sending Insight reports to users - (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) or exporting into PDF/PPT format
  7. Titles of all buttons and fields are often hidden - make them full screen and drop down options (in all screens and fields)

Hope these are helpful. 

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    Hi @MT , thank you for your feedback and for being so clear with it, we appreciate it!

    Insights are currently still under development, meaning we want to bring all the abilities that the "classic" reporting had into Insights; this includes cross-referencing with Goals, Lost Reasons, and also new things like including custom fields as variables in your reports. Exporting reports is also in our plans, so stay tuned!

    I've made sure your suggestions reach our teams for consideration in the future. I can tell you that some of them are on our backlog of ideas but made the cut yet, unfortunately; the hardest job is to prioritise all ideas and suggestions from all our customers. Thank you for your input!