Automation: Closing open Activity upon change of Deal Stage - Is it possible?

John Weiss
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I am trying to see if automation is possible for the following scenario:

  • when moving a Deal to a specific stage
  • closing open Activity of a specific type (Task)
  • To give a more detailed explanation...
    • I have a Estimates stage.
      • When an estimate is provided to the customer, I have automation setup to create a reminder task to follow up with the customer after a set period of time.
    • What I am trying to accomplish is if the customer calls back and schedules the work and I move the Deal to the Job Scheduled stage (next step in my funnel) can automation mark the outstanding Activity (Task) as done, so I don't have to manually do that.

I have tried everything under the sun but cannot find a way possible to accomplish this task. Is it possible with automation?

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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @John Weiss , thank you for putting your question so clearly!

    Unfortunately at this moment this is not possible because an activity and a deal are "seen" as separate and independent things by the automations, so there's no way to create a trigger that captures the activity inside the deal.

    I have made sure your suggestion reaches our team for consideration in future developments. 

    In the meantime, I suggest you explore an integration from our marketplace (like Zapier,, Integromat, etc) as they allow you to create automations outside the scope of our native ones. I did a quick search for you, take a look here.