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Hello, I am editing some fields to be"required". But I don’t want these to show on a new deal window. I cannot un-select them.

I’m adding a rule to be required at a certain stage, not at deal creation

Doesn't make sense.

Please fix it.

Otherwise when I create a new deal I will see an awful load of fields that are NOT relevant to deal creation.

Thanks a lot in advance

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  • Boris Tsibelman
    Boris Tsibelman Posts: 994
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    You can select for those important fields to go to the top at certain stages. This might help 

  • Christian Ayala
    Christian Ayala Posts: 74
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    edited August 2020 #3

    I agree, I would rather have a clean Add Deal screen that isn't messy and overwhelming.

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Chris Jauslin , we appreciate your feedback!

    Your suggestion makes sense and I've made sure to forward it so we can take it into consideration for future developments.