Text size inflated for copy+pasted text AFTER sending, not visible in email editor

Example of this bug! Noticed the larger text size in sentence two. This did not appear this way when editing in editor.

This is a request for a bug fix / design improvement that has been frustrating me. When drafting emails and using copy and paste, the text size often ends up mismatched in the actual email that is sent but NOT in the draft window. Everything looks fine, but then I look at the email later and certain sentances are larger than others. This definitely does not help our sales conversion. The only fix is to highlight everything and click Remove Formatting, and even though nothing appears to change, this remedies the issue. Sometimes I'll forget, so I wish this could be fixed. Thanks.

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Ben Holmquist thank you so much for sharing. I'll ask our team to take a look and nudge me for an update if I haven't gotten back to you in time ;) apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for also sharing your "fix" with the removing of the formatting, this is useful for the rest of the community while we work on this.

  • Ben Holmquist
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    Thanks @Mike van der Valk , would be awesome to fix it! Happens consistently for me if I don't do the remove formatting.


  • Josine Denning
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    Why is adjusting font or viewing size in settings!!!!!!!!

  • James_5091
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    Where do we stand on getting this fixed? It's frustrating to spend time to write a completely personalized email and then have part of the text be sent with completely incorrect formatting.