Meeting scheduler needs major overhaul

1. Need for company logo/branding (replace pipedrive with our company's branding)  

2. Need for DNS integration (ex:

3. Emails should be able to come from @lunchpool email

4. Should have ability to spin up zoom or hangout or other such tool from the invite

5. Need to be able to check multiple calendars (or none)

6. Would be nice to trigger emails for follow up and/or checking in


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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Alexander Abell , we appreciate your feedback!

    I have some good news for you: last week we started beta testing a native Zoom integration (see here if you'd like to join) and it's in our plans to have it available in Scheduler too, although I can't give you an ETA at the moment.

    As for your other suggestions, I've forwarded them internally so our team can take them into consideration in future developments. Thank you for your thorough breakdown, it makes our life easier when analysing possibilities!

  • Alex Herder
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    I completely agree with all of this. I am evaluating schedulers (Calendly, Boomerang, Woven, etc.) and was excited to see the Pipedrive scheduler but the fact that it offers my guests options that are already booked on my calendar makes it unusable for me right now. Once they've added the syncing with multiple calendars, I will re-evaluate.

  • Alex Herder
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    Out of curiosity, @Alexander Abell : What do you use right now?

  • Dana Coates
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    I fully agree with this suggestion