Lead source tagging within the Webform

  1. If the visitor source is automatically tagged to every webform submission and stored as a field within the deal. That will be a really cool feature. It should be an easy feature since you are already tracking visitors now.
  2. Which brings me to the second feature request - Within the website visitors tag if I can filter visitors by source.
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  • Inês Batata
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    Thank you for your feedback @Siddhartha Kapoor !

    Both the new webforms and the website visitors features are still in beta version. We have a few improvements already  planned in our list, like filtering. I've made sure to forward your suggestions to our teams so they can take them into consideration for future improvements. 🚀

    In the meantime, a workaround you can use to help you identify the source of leads coming from webforms is including something you can easily identify in the field "Lead title prefix" of the webform (Submit options > Saving preferences).