Looooonngg term planning for activities

Can we not add a custom length of time for an automation to set an activity? Right now the longest option is 2 years - but I'd love the option to put 5 or 25 years in the future. 

We work with product that has long shelf lives and need reminders to follow up when the items expire. 

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    Hi @Zenia Platten !

    Wow, you really weren't kidding when you said it was long term planning 😉 

    I'm afraid at the moment we don't have custom options like that, but I've made sure your suggestion reaches our team so they can take it into consideration for future developments.

    A workaround you can use is to create a date-type of custom field in the item that serves as trigger for your automation (Deal/Person/Organization) and use that as the due date for the Activity that gets generated by the Automation. For example, creating a field for "Expiration Date" in the Deal (keep in mind you'll need to fill it in manually).

    That being said, here are some pro tips to stay on top of things:

    • Follow this topic to know what we're working on currently.
    • Join our Research and Beta Testing channel to be the first to know what's coming up and the chance to try out early versions of new and improved features. 🚀