General timeline to catch up on things while away

We would love to see a single view that shows a timeline with new deals, news notes, activities  etc.  The value of this view is catching up on things after time away. It should answer questions like:
- Have you seen this new deal
- Did you reply to ..
- Did you read the note on .. 
- Did you follow up on .. 

This view should make a coworker be able to catchup on things and get up to speed. 

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  • Inês Batata
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    HI @Marco de Waard , thank you for this interesting suggestion!

    Indeed at the time we don't have exactly this and as far as I'm aware it's not in our immediate plans, but I've made sure it reaches the team for consideration in future developments.

    In the meantime, an approximation of this would be the User Profile/User Overview section, where you can see notifications for all the items and other users you follow. Learn more about Followers here