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Would like to know the level of Privacy for Emails linked to a deal. So if we keep the emails that already linked to a deal as "Private" if we go to the deal, the owner of that specific deal can't see the emails unless he  tags it as "shared".

Now, what is the level of Privacy when the linked emails is shared? will the owner and the follower only sees the emails linked or shared within the entire company?


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    Hi @Joceejae Buscato !

    If an email is marked as shared and linked to a Deal or a Person, any user who can see the Deal/Person can see the email too (but only if they can also see the item it's linked to).

    Users that are part of the email conversation will see the email message in their own Pipedrive inbox too.

    Learn all about it here: Email Privacy and Sharing Emails in Pipedrive