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Hi there. 
I'm hoping someone can recommend a quick way I can conjoin multiple-choice drops down menus.
I'm hoping to have it so I can pick a car make (Audi, Toyota etc) and have that selection trigger the vehicle make i.e Quatro, a4 / yaris, camry, hi lux etc.

Is this possible?
Is it difficult to do?
I already have all the data I need for every car in production, I just need to know if there's a quick way to create the custom selections?
Thanks so much in advance.

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    Hi there @Scott !

    Unfortunately at the moment our multiple-choice fields don't have that "cascading" option, so the closest workaround would be to include each variation as one of the selectable options. 

    This is a feature suggestion that comes up from our users every now and then, but unfortunately with prioritization needs and finite development resources, it hasn't made the cut yet. That being said, I've still made sure your feedback reaches our team internally, for possible consideration in the future. We appreciate hearing from you!