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Julio Hirose
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I was configuring some filters and noticed a weird characteristic of the Current user selection (compared to my username selection):

Two experiments:

  1. If I create a filter to show all Deals with my username, I can see only the Open Deals. If I create a filter to show all Deals for "Current user", I will see all deals including WON/LOST deals. Is "Current user" expected to work like that? For me, it should present exactly the same results as selecting my own username.

2. It is strange, but I filtered the number of organizations using "Current user" last week and the number of organizations increased (a lot) this week, even though I have not added new organizations.



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    @Julio Hirose thanks for sharing. This sounds like something is going wrong, sorry about that. Could you please connect with our support via the in-app chat and send them some screenshots so we can check what's happening.