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Is it possible to set up an automated workflow based on particular email template so that when I send the email it automatically creates a follow up activity for 3 days later (phone call). I want to set up a process whereby I send a cold email using my Cold Email Template in the Mail screen of PipeDrive. Then I want pipe drive, knowing that email template was used for that person, to create an action for three day later, to contact that person by phone. 

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  • Not possible as of today, but it would be super cool to have.

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    Hi @Stephen Maconachie !

    While it's true that emails can't be used as a trigger for an automation, you can set up an automation where a certain trigger in a deal/person/organization/activity generates 2 actions: one of them is the sending of the email and the other one is the creation of an activity with a due date for 3 days later. 💪

    There will be new things coming about our Automations feature later down the year, so stay tuned. Here are some pro tips to stay on top of things: