Access for non-Pipedrive users to view assigned Deals/Activities

In our organisation we are a few key business developers who have access to Pipedrive. Often, however individual activities related to individual Deals, are not carried out by the business developers themselves, but by other people (typically consultants) in our firm. This could f.x. be because, they have the relationship to a specific person we are reaching out to.

It would be overkill and too expensive to give them full access to Pipedrive, however it would be very beneficial, that they could see the activities that have been assigned to them/they are involved in and interact by marking them done etc.

Is this a functionality that has been considered?

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    Hi @Jacob Guldager-Løve !

    Thank you for your suggestion and for exposing your use case so clearly. There have been times where we have considered read-only types of user profiles (which didn't go ahead) and we have something similar to what you suggested in our plans, see here.

    Right now the best way to achieve that is to play with the different types of visibility and permissions you give to Regular users. Depending on which plan you're in, you can even have different tiers of Regular users who benefit from stricter or looser permissions and visibility of your data among them.

    As for activities, you can include external invitees in them, but they won't be able to mark them as done in PIpedrive if they're not a user in your account.

    I've taken your feedback and made sure it reaches our team for consideration in future developments. 

    Speaking of which, here are some pro tips to stay on top of things: