Add Second Subject or Title for Meeting Invites

Ryan Gerardi
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When you schedule a meeting, you give it a subject or title which is seen and shared by all recipients. So for instance if I create a meeting with a Person named Jack and use the subject, 'Meeting with Jack' - that is convenient for me, but not for Jack. If  I use the subject, 'Meeting with Ryan' then that is convenient for Jack but not for me. 

Adding a second subject/title field for meeting recipients would be a real useful feature for meeting invites. 

Subject A could be what I the meeting creator sees. 

Subject B could be what the invited recipients see.

For instance, the Subject A I see could be, 'Planning Call with Client X' and the Subject B that the recipients see could be, 'Planning Call with Ryan's Company for Team Turbo'

Hope this makes sense.  

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    Hi @Ryan Gerardi !

    A couple of alternatives off the top of my head:

    • name your activity something like "Meeting Jack/Ryan: discuss X about Z"
    • if you're using the Scheduler there are separate notes that you can write visible only to yourself and visible to the invitee - learn more here

    As far as I'm aware what you suggested is not in our plans, but I've made sure our teams takes notice of it for consideration in the future.

    Speaking of which, here are some pro tips to stay on top of things: