Need help with Embedding in email templates

Jme Medina
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How can you embed videos in email templates?  When I try, the code shows up but not the video itself. Can anyone help answer this ?

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  • Christopher Bulin
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    So I had a similar issue, here’s what I’d recommend create it as a link for them to follow. It’s not so much embedded but when you turn on the feature of tracking clicked links it’s really useful to see when they click and or watch it. We use loom for tutorials. 

    1. type out text you want them to click or follow (CTA)
    2. at bottom of email click hyperlink and add the link to the video.
    3. once you have your signature set the way you want, copy all of it.
    4. then click on signature templates and paste it in there
    5. click save
    6. now when you start a new email your CTA will have a clickable link for you to track open rates

    Step 1: Original Video

    Step 2: Continuation Video

  • Boris Tsibelman
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    You won't be able to embed the video directly into the email, but you can create a CTA link that drives them to the page.

  • Wouter Vertriest
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    Embedding video's should become an option. A clickable link's conversion is lower than a video with thumbnail

  • Christian Haldrup
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    Hippo video is usefull for this case