my filters WONT save?

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making a filter is easy.... or should be. I follow ALL the steps but it wont allow me to press save, or i do and nothing happens and not error message.... anybody else had that?



  • Vladimir Dubakin
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    @Paul Jones Hey, Paul!

    Thank you for the post. As far as I am aware the issue is not affecting other accounts (at least we do not seem to have any other users reaching out about it).

    Thus, Can I ask you to please:

    1. Update Chrome browser to the latest version
    2. Clear Browser cache and cookies
    3. Open Chrome in Incognito (making sure that no extensions are running)

    And if it will work in Incognito - it is either old browser cache / cookies or integrations breaking the flow.

    And if that is not the case - please do reach out on or via in-app chat.

    Kind regards,


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Clear browser cache and cookies


    Also, check if it's there but your not instantly brought to it.