line graph for monthly turnover for won deals

Hello there!

I need to do a line graph for monthly turnover, for won deals.

Example :

Gen 1.000 €   Feb 2.500 €  March 1.500 (value with bar)

progressive (points of the line)

Gen 1.000 €

Feb (1.000 + 2.500) = 3.500

March (1.000 + 2.500 + 1.500)=5.000


Thank you



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    Hi @Tola Giovanni !

    Unfortunately at the moment our graphs only have the visual options to be presented as column, bar, pie, scorecard and table. Would a column chart not work for what you need? You can then manually create the lines.

    Alternatively, you can use one of the integrations from our marketplace to fetch that data and turn it into any type of presentation you like. I did a quick search got you, take a look here and see which one works best for you.

    That being said, I've sent your suggestion of a line graph option internally to our team so they can consider it for future developments. Thank you for your input!