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Hi Guys - lots of un-answered questions in the community? Hope someone can help with this.

Why do you have to but the price of the product in, if you have selected the Product to go in?
It does even tell me what the base price is (if i wanted to change it on just this deal  - ie product price is £50 rrp but for this deal it will be £40 - but i cant see the rrp even)




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    Thank you for your feedback @Paul Jones !

    Unfortunately at the moment Automations don't fetch that data about Products, so you'll have to enter it manually, but this is something we intend to improve in the future in order to make it all roll more smoothly. 

    With many customers and requests and with limited development resources we need to prioritise and make choices what to deliver first. We will make sure however our team will consider your suggestions but we can never make any promises although we wished we could. Thank you for understanding.

    Speaking of which, here are some pro tips to stay on top of things: