Are you missing out on the language channels? 🌎 🌍 🌏

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Each country has its own characteristic way of doing sales. Learning these tools of the trade can be a dealbreaker and sometimes only someone who's walked that road can advise you. 

Did you know we created dedicated language groups for you? Join as many as you like:

  • whether because you’re based there
  • do business there
  • are interested in getting to know that market and making connections
  • post in your local language if you prefer

Follow the links below, “Join” and say hello or ask a question. Expand your connections and get answers from users in the same particular reality as you. 

Some of these are looking for a group leader, someone who'd like to be in charge of sharing content there and bringing in new members. Apply in the post within the group! 💪


  • Inês Batata
    Inês Batata Admin Posts: 3,155 COMMUNITY MANAGER
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    Hi @Wing Lee , thank you for bringing this to our attention!

    When we moved the community to this new house, we studied which language/country groups were lacking activity for a while and made the decision to discontinue them. We kept their posts, which now live in the general feed, and encourage you to have your discussions there, in your preferred language :)

    I've updated this announcement accordingly, so there's no confusion.

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    Hi Ines.

    We want to make public channel for Korean customer.

    But your link is not working :(

  • Wing Lee
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    Hi @Inês Batata , actually I did few post before you close the group. And the group have over 100 people follow and that is not easy for Hong Kong. Can you reopen the previous group?

  • Hi @Inês Batata ,

    I think that for the Ukrainian-speaking community, which is now studying and switching to Pipedrive, it would be very good to get back the community. Before closing, there were 320 users in the group, but I am sure that it will be more there)

    Currently, new applications for the Ukrainian market are being actively created, so it is there that you can share your experience with connecting them, setting them up, and their existence in general)

  • Waiting for italian group 🇮🇹😉