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I am looking for ways others are creating quotes for products of different types.  For example my company has a system we sell that includes hardware and software licenses.  We also sell services that are set at a certain cost whenever that service is utilized.

I am looking for a way to quote both items out of pipedrive in one quote form.  The issue I am not able to overcome is that a hardware and software system needs to show line item cost for each item purchased and a total cost of that system.  But I also need to include information on the quote with cost of the other services purchased but not tie that into the total cost of the first system. 

One possible thought was to create two separate deals for each client, but that would require duplicating information between the two deals because both items could be discussed in one email by the salesperson.

I am open to any solutions others have implemented for this type of issue.


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    Hello Jeff, thank you for reaching out.

    I can totally see your point and appreciate you coming here with such detailed thing - I'll send them all as feedback as it seems to be a good user case.

    Regardless, the first thing I could think of to help you would be to use different custom fields in order to inform the different things you need to those systems. With that, it would be possible to use products still, but then use the deals custom fields as well.

    If you have more doubts, feel free to reach out to our Support team as they'll be happy to help you.

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    @Bernd Auer @Amit Sarda Have you ever encountered a situation like this in your day to day work? Do you have  advice on the best way to achieve what @Jeff Decker is looking for? Thank you!

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    @Jeff Decker Good news, this is now partially possible as we are rolling out the Sales Documents feature to users in the Advanced and Professional plan. Learn all about it here. 🚀