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Hey, I have some suggestions related to reporting. 

1. to have a graphic report for rotten deals (analysis, consisting of owner, average days of rotten deals, deals amounts, etc.). 

2. To have a graphic report of relative values (for example, a salesman wins all the low value deals, but loses with the big ones, etc.). This information would give an extended view how salespeople are doing.

Thanks for taking into consideration :)

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    Hi @Dalia Juodzevičienė , thank you for your input and for being so clear about it. 🙂

    Currently it's not possible to filter by rotten deals in Insights, but I've made sure our team see your suggestion and takes it into consideration for future developments.

    As for a report of relative values, I believe you can achieve what you're looking for bt generating a Conversion > Win/Loss report that you then filter the graph for Owner and Deal Value. 

    In the graph itself you'll see the percentages of won and lost deals (and their accumulated value if you hover over them) and in the table below you can see the value per deal and per deal status. In the future, that table will be exportable to a spreadsheet. Learn more here: Insights reports: Deal Conversion

    Here are some pro tips to stay on top of what's coming next: