Should I create a contact for every lead?

Maybe I am doing something wrong. If I input a lead, do I need to input a contact as well? Right now I am not putting in a contact and the leads functionality is useless. I need to track emails, calls, linkedin connectivity and input notes. Can I link a contact to a lead? This would solve most of my issues

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    Hi @John Shelburne !

    It's possible, but not mandatory, to link a contact (Person and/or Organization) to a Lead. 

    All you have to do is open the lead, click "+Link a Person/Organization" and as you type their name Pipedrive will suggest potential matches that already exist, as to avoid creating duplicates. Keep in mind that at this point not all the information you have about those contacts will show up in Leads, as we are still developing that part.

    Hope that helped!

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