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Occasionally a deal will get updated via Zapier in error, usually due to user error. For example, say we submit an order form in another app and the user enters the wrong deal ID to match the data to Pipedrive. It overwrites the correct data. When it involves the deal contact, it can cause contacts to get mixed up and the wrong email gets associated with the deal. Can we get a basic undo function within the changelog so I don't have to manually change each field?

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  • Vladimir Dubakin
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    Thank you for the comment! I can totally see how "undo" button could be useful so that information can be reverted.

    That was discussed previously with the developers but due to limitations and complexity of implementing it has not been introduced.

    Thank you for the development feedback, however, it has been passed to product manager!

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    Is there any way to undo last action on changelog? I moved several deals to a different pipeline and all 4,000 plus deals moved to my new prospect stage. With the number of deals, it will take me forever to manually put them in the correct stage.