Scheduler Data Field Population to Prevent Fake Meeting Invitations

We received fake meeting invitations via Scheduler. We think, since the Name, Email and Phone are entered by the recipient of the link that someone put in someone else's contact info that created a new Pipedrive person record with no organization or deal associated. It would be helpful to have an option that populates Name, Email and Phone from the person, so that only the recipient could schedule a meeting.

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    Hi @DirectiveGroup !

    If I understand correctly, you'd like the Scheduler invite to already have filled in the name, email and phone of the person who you're sending it to, is that correct?

    At the moment there are no direct plans for it but the team noted down your suggestion for when they'll work on updates again.

    However, Scheduler does use our standard duplicate detection rules to recognize potential duplicates and update contacts instead of creating brand new ones. You can also make the Phone Number field in your scheduler link required, as well as an other Person type of fields.

    Thank you for your input!

    Speaking of which, here are some pro tips to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: