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I was instructed by the customer service to post here: Ability to configure what is visible in the Deal Card. For example, I would like the phone number of the client to be visible so I don't need to click into the card each time I need to call someone, which is a million times a day. Thanks

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  • Christian Ayala
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    I would love this.  I would like to see a phone icon with click to dial and an envelope that opens my preferred email client without opening the deal.  I would also like to select which fields can be seen on the card, even if it's only a few.  Zoho Bigin is a new tool that leaves much to be desired and nowhere near as cool as PD but got this part right.

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Gabriela Hromis and @Christian Ayala , we appreciate your suggestions!

    A good workaround for this is using the List View instead of the pipeline view. Simply create a filter of what type of deals you want to look at and select the columns that you want to see/not see. From there you will be able to just click and make a phone call or send an email. 🚀

    At the moment there are no direct plans for your suggestions, but the team noted down your suggestion for when they'll work on updates again.

    Speaking of which, here are some pro tips to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: