How to automatically complete an 'Email' activity by sending an email

Ted Youn
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Suppose that I have an 'email' activity linked to a deal. Once I send an email, this email is automatically linked to this deal through email sync or smart-bcc

I'd like to know whether such an automation can apply to an email activity as well. Right now, I have to mark each email activity as done one-by-one, which is rather tedious and cumbersome.

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  • Praveen Kumar
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    Hey @Ted Youn

    Would you be interested to automate this workflow with an external sales engagement platform like Klenty?

    I suggest this because it has tight, native integration with Pipedrive and you don't need to manually mark any email activity as completed on Pipedrive.

    Mark an activity as completed for a deal reflects automatically on Pipedrive with the help of bi-directional sync.

    Do check out Klenty on Pipedrive marketplace to know more.


  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Ted Youn !

    Unfortunately at the moment this isn't possible, but I can tell you that we plan to expand the types of triggers and actions our Automations will allow for, so stay tuned! We appreciate your input and use it to give our teams thinking points to be considered in the future.

    Speaking of which, here are some pro tips to stay on top of what’s coming down the line:

  • Kristin Rakoczy
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    Is there any update on this? I'd like to request a feature update for an activity to be added and marked complete when an email is tracked through Pipedrive. #feature