It would be very useful to see the emails that are sent through mailigen within Pipedrive in the Pri

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    Thank you for your feedback @Quentin BASSI !

    I know we have a lot of improvements for Mailigen on sight in the coming months, but right now I can't tell you if this is one of them. However, I've made sure your suggestion reaches our team so they can take it into consideration for future developments.

    Speaking of which, here are some pro tips to stay on top of what’s coming down the line:

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    Mailigen is closing down

    These past 12 years have been an amazing ride, for which I’m incredibly grateful. I started Mailigen with a vision to offer streamlined, no-fuss marketing automation software to businesses that increasingly relied on communication to reach new audiences.

    Following our merger of Mailigen with Pipedrive, established thanks to a shared vision, we started working on a native email marketing solution, Campaigns by Pipedrive. Our goal is to bring sales and marketing teams together under one roof for aligned business communication and improved revenue potential.

    It is now time for our team to focus on this new solution, which we believe our customers will find incredibly helpful.

    You can sign up for the Campaigns waitlist here. 

    As Campaigns is sharing the same data that you already have in Pipedrive, there is no need for syncing and the platform will be much easier to use going forward.