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Hi -- I'm a little confused about how Pipedrive maps from the "Complete Address" field to the "Discrete Address Fields" (e.g. Street, City, State, Zip). 

My immediate need is that I'm mapping addresses from Pipedrive to Pandadoc and SaasOptics, and it appears that for many organizations, even if they have a "Complete Address" the "Discrete Address Fields" are not populating.

Is there a way to view the discrete fields? Is there a way to force the mapping of data from complete address to the discrete fields? 



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  • William Kelly
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    Interesting: I found this article (which is super helpful):,suggest%20and%20autofill%20the%20address.

    Not sure how I missed that article, but would appreciate anyone else's experience with this.

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    OK -- update on this: I figured out how to display the discrete address fields, so now I'm seeing that there is not 100% accuracy or completeness between the Complete Address and the discrete address fields in Pipedrive, and I cannot find a way to either force a re-evaluation, or enter the missing information.

    As an example, one organizational address we have is:

    1000 ALCORN DR, LORMAN, MS 39096, USA

    The discrete fields are missing the city "Lorman", but has the other discrete address fields. When I click on the complete address Google Maps correctly shows the location on its map, but no city in the "City/town/village/locality" field. And no way to edit that specific field, and no obvious way to force Pipedrive to re-evaluate the address. 

    Am I missing something here?

  • William Kelly
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    One additional observation: When the address is to a PO Box, the PO Box info is not showing up in the address details, or in some cases, gets mapped to some physical address. This is problematic -- if the PO Box is the official billing address, and we're mapping these addresses to SaasOptics requiring discrete fields, we'll mismap the actual billing address. 

    Here are two examples:

    1. We have the address PO BOX 302130, MONTGOMERY, AL as an organization address. Note that there is no zip associated with the address. Pipedrive has created the following fields for this complete address:
      1. House number: 50
      2. Street/road name: North Ripley Street
      3. City/town/village/locality: Mongomery
      4. State/county: Alabama
      5. Zip/Postal code: 36104
    2. We have the address PO BOX 343922, MILWAUKEE, WI 53234, USA as an organization address. Pipedrive created the following fields from this complete address:
      1. House number: [blank]
      2. Street/road name: [blank]
      3. City/town/village/locality: Milwaukee
      4. State/county: Wisconsin
      5. Zip/Postal code: 53234

    What's frustrating here is that I cannot force Pipedrive to undo whatever interpretation of the address that resolves a PO Box to a physical address, and I can't edit the discrete fields to override whatever Pipedrive decides.

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    Hi @William Kelly , thank you for your feedback and for being so clear about your use case.

    With addresses mapped from Google Maps unfortunately there's no way to fill in, correct or override them, which causes awkward situations like these. The alternative would be to write everything manually, which defeats your purpose. Just to be safe, I would reach out to our Support team to double-check if they have a workaround they can help you with.

    Regardless, I've made sure your feedback reaches our team and can be considered in future developments.

    Speaking of which, here are some pro tips to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: