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We are trialing the document template BETA and it is working well for the most part. However, a significant limitation for us is that we couldn’t find a way of including a calculation in google docs and bringing that through to the Pipedrive template. It may not be feasible has anyone found a way to bring through a calculation?

We are trying to paste formulas from the sheet into the doc template (have tried paste equation) which then needs to look up a cell a few rows above and make a calculation based on the input of that cell.  Doc has no concept of paste special and cant reference the cell. 

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    Hi @Arvida Admin !

    If you use our Products feature together with Sales Docs, then it can calculate product totals, tax and discounts and pull this into the document. We've noted the feedback that users would like to integrate with Sheets and Excel in future to have more calculations available in future - no promises on this but we'll keep it in mind.

    I'm afraid what you're trying to do right now is not possible at the moment, as currently Pipedrive doesn't support calculation fields. As an alternative, I would suggest using Zapier or a similar integration form our marketplace to do the calculation for you and deliver the result in a custom field in Pipedrive that you can then map into your Sales Doc template.