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Kevin Hewitt
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Hey team - how can we all see one another's emails in Pipedrive?  Even though our settings are "shared" we're not able to view our colleague's emails.  

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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Kevin Hewitt !

    The emails each user send and receives in PIpedrive will only show up in other user's PIpedrive Inbox if they are included in the conversation (as recipient, CC, BCC), much like what you'd expect when using any email provider. 

    Learn more about this here: 

    So what happens when you mark an email as "Shared" is that you're making it visible to your colleagues in Pipedrive but it won't show up in their inbox because they're not directly involved in the conversation; they will be able to see it in the Person or Deal that the email is linked to, so they also need to be given visibility to that Person/Deal. I.E, "solo" emails that aren't linked to anything but are marked as "shared" still won't show up for other users.

    Hope that helped and made it clearer!