Recording Sales that don't have a deal

Harvey Lock
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Is there a way of recording sales without having a deal on Pipedrive?

80% of our business will be deals that we track through the sales process and we know are coming in advance.  Many times however, we have orders where customers have simply emailed in a purchase order.  What is the best way of recording this on pipedrive?

If we add a deal on pipedrive and win it immediately for the ad hoc orders, that then scews the deal velocity averages.  

However, if we don't put those orders on pipedrive at all, the revenue figures are incorrect.

Any ideas, gratefully received.

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  • Create a custom field to track the source of the deal.

    That way you could filter out such deals when looking at high-level statistics.

  • Carla_741
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    Hi Harvey, another alternative is to create a pipeline for client requests , maybe with less steps.  Yout will have your new propspects pipeline velocity not affected and you will measure  as well your clients request.

    Hope this help, I use this with clients that do farming with accounts already won. 



  • Nicki Kane
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    @Harvey Lock it sounds like the suggestions above above will see you right, just wanted to add my two cents worth as well! While I absolutely get the need to track your sales velocity with regards to a planned sale, the ad hoc sales are just as valid and I would think that they still form part of your legitimate sales velocity if they are reasonably steady in the amount that comes in.  Tracking overall veloicity as well as sales velocity would seem to be a good thing in your situation- but you know it better than I do! :-) 

    PS don't we love those sales that just turn up!!!

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Harvey Lock !

    Great solutions everybody's contributing with above.

    Have you considered using the Leads Inbox to save those deals that aren't quite there yet? You can then convert them to Deals when the moment comes. You can even do the reverse and convert deals to leads!

    Right now you can email to and from those leads but the messages won't be linked to leads (yet) unfortunately, but that's one of the things in our to-do list as we continue to develop the Leads Inbox feature, so stay tuned.

    Learn all about it here:

    Speaking of which, here are some pro tips to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: