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Robert Schulze
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Hello Community,

I love the integrated workflows from zapier. Just they have two mayjor drawbacks for me:

  • very limited number of activities per workflow
  • limit of 60 workflows per user. that's not much in a mid-sized company where a process-manager is usually setting up all the workflows and therefore quickly reaching this limit.

The pipedrive supported to use zapier as workaround.

My idea:

  1. trigger a zap by watching pipedrive changes e.g. deal-stage change
  2. manage a list of Activities to create in a google sheet with a simple structure
    • Title of activity
    • Description what to do
    • responsible user
  3. loop with zapier through the list in google sheet and create those activities in the list with title, description and assign to responsible user


The idea is great. Just that zapier doesn't allow looping through the list.

Any advice or alternative ideas for setting up an extensive system of workflows to streamline processes?