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I'd like to ask the dev team to think with me to get a solution to my problem. I already told with the support, Miguel was awesome and invited me to come here ask the product team. Here it's: 

Imagine you got a new lead of your campaign or webform. He need your attention, right? 

Today my scenario is click-2-call in pipedrive (awesome feature), but - no one and no feature reminds the salesman or the caller more vigoursly that need. The common answer is busy table of work.


My ideal cenario is:

>  new lead or scheduled call event

>  automation workflow to create a task

>  pop up appears ASAP the new leads come / pop up appears in the scheduled time 

>  dialer comes up with the number on him about to confirm the call (most ideal if the link of the deal ups to)


Let's take this inspiration (aircall's site print)




My suggestion is, when those conditions I've mentioned matches:

THAT INFORMATION POPS UP THE APPLICATION! That way, the salesman reacts to the machine process instead he needs to get to remember or busy in another PC task, for example.



So, that's my greatest suggestion. I'd love to get answer about these.

PS.: if it's not possible to automate, because the kind of activity between the application doesn't matches, you guys could use zapier to:

1> get the call triggers zapier to 

2> create the event in the application 2 to pop-up the dialer somehow.


Thanks again to Miguel, a very nice guy of the support of Pipedrive team I've already told.


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