How Pipedrive manage new emails to get linked with active deals? (user cases)

Rodrigo Rojas
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I understand that when a new email arrives, Pipedrive look for that email in the data base, and if so, will link to a deal if there is "one" deal active.

But what happens when that person has multiple deals? How Pipedrive is working to "decide" to which deal it should link? Or in this case Pipedrive is not able to link the mail?

How Pipedrive works in this way will be very valuable to talk with our clients, since we really don't know. :)


  • Inês Batata
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    @Rodrigo Rojas When there's multiple open deals linked to the person you're emailing with, Pipedrive will show you a list of all those deals and ask you to pick which one you want to link the email conversation to.

    Learn more about email sync from our Knowledge Base and Academy. 👨‍🏫