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Hi guys,

LeadBooster such a great function, i really love it!

But a very important thing that LeadBooster benefits from is the ability to receive instant alerts when a user requests LiveChat.

I found an event in the API "conversationEnded".

This is good, but there is a need for a missing event "conversationRequested".

This will make it possible to send notifications to Slack (for example), using Zappier and the webhook triggered by the "conversationRequested" event.


What do you think?


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @INXY.COM 

    I checked in with the team and it's unfortunately not possible at this moment. However, a discussion straight away errupted so I hope we can figure something out in the future, fingers crossed 

  • Georgy Marchuk_2968
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    Hi @INXY.COM,

    Thank you for your feedback! This is definitely possible and we will consider this for future extensions of the functionality. 

    Could you clarify, how would you like to trigger the notification in Slack/Zapier? This is a browse API we are talking about, meaning that if the browser has access to some of this open endpoint for triggering the notification, anyone else can trigger the notifications as well (spam). It would be very useful to know any details on how are users expecting to use the browser API.

  • Hi guys. Is there any update on this issue?