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Re live chat etc. Its all good. I would like you to consider a call me button in addition to chat. ”Call me within 55 seconds”, as the lead provides the phone no and clicks "call me" the system calls me, my sales team, someone in marketing at once, whoever picks up is then added to a call with the customer (who gets a call within 55 secs). I think this can help with lead conversion and guarantee that someone picks it up - compared to chat (Its good but call is more efficient for us). We then track the lead as normal in pipedrive. Thanks for concept

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    Thanks for sharing. Our team has taken note and will discuss this for possible future improvements. 🙏🏻

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    the PipeDrive team's continual refusal to provide this function is the main reason we will probably discontinue using this service.  The other compelling reason is that the Help Chat service is completely a waste of time.... have spent hours and literally days waiting for a relevant and coherent response to my help requests.  The initial responses to my help chat inquiries are just links to unrelated blogs and articles on unrelated topic.  We don't need to pay for a service that just performs slow and inaccurate Google searches