Improved deal visibility/access from contact and organisation pages

We often have a large number of deals under individual contacts and organisations.

Currently, the contact and organisation pages only show up to five open deals in the side panel. If the open deal you want to click through to isn't one of the five displayed, you have to select "All Deals", which then brings up a list of all open and closed deals - often a very long list.

There needs to be another button to select "All Open Deals", as well as the option to filter the results by pipeline and stage etc. so that you can quickly find the deal you want to drill through to.

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks for sharing @Josh Craddock one thing you could do already is go to the deal list in Pipedrive and create a filter, filtering out all deals for a certain contact/organization and then add more filter conditions there as well. Would that help you?