There should be a option to have 1 contactslist(motherlist) synchronised to all the Google-accounts

Rob Bakker
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Am I making sense? ;) 


Within our company we all work with our (Android) mobile phones to keep in touch with our customers/cliënts. There are many cases where 2 of our employees have the same contact person within an organisation. 

We all have the 2-way synchronisation option on with our connected Google-accounts. 

But the problem is that only 1 employee can have a Contact synched to his phone, based on the Ownership within Pipedrive. 

So when another employee gets called/wants to call/wants to Whatsapp with the contact, that phonenumber won't be in his mobile, so he won't see who's calling him, or has to change ownership or add the phonenumber to his mobile to simply send the contact a message. 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Rob Bakker 

    Thanks for sharing, seems logical to me, will make sure our team takes a look at your suggestion!

  • Jeremy Gulley_11062
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    I’d also love to see this. Currently we use PieSync to fill this fab but, direct integration would be ideal! Thank you!