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Joao Jorge
Joao Jorge Posts: 4

Hi guys, I have tested the new Progress Insights (beta) and its nice. I only have one improvement suggestion: The link is in this moment dynamic. I think it will be better to share it as static. this will allow to send a specific dashboard and the receiver only see how it was by that time. If dynamic as it is today if you make an update user will see the changes - in that case I will prefer to send a new link. Please let me know if this is possible or if not what is the rational beyond. Thks in advance.

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  • Bernd Auer
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    I like the dynamic link because it gives you the possibility to keep your partners/customers/colleagues the chance to stay updated everytime without giving them a license. 

    But I like the idea of having a static link optional (instead of sending screenshots).

  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Seda tagging you here ;) 

  • Seda
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    Thank you @Joao Jorge and @Bernd Auer for provided feedback!

    @Joao Jorge, static dashboard view is not yet available but there is a workaround for it:

    • Open your public dashboard
    • Press cmd P
    • Choose an option to Save as PDF


  • Joao Jorge
    Joao Jorge Posts: 4
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    cmd P is in a MAC correct? I'm using a Chromecast what command should I use to save as PDF?  

  • Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant -
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    @Seda 's suggestion is pretty good. 

    You can go one step ahead, and create a presentation template where you occasionally copy and paste the snapshots you want. Your users will always have a link to this presentation, and you can control which snapshot the users can see.