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Mereana Sheehan_40
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Pipedrive’s Sales Inbox includes cutting-edge features designed to save you time when doing your daily tasks. You’ll be able to track emails, use customizable templates, and fully sync your inbox to any major email provider. You will also be able to send emails to your contacts directly from Pipedrive, which will then be synced back to your inbox.



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  • Mickinoz
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    Good morning!

    How do I switch to the new sales inbox?



  • SMG
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    Sadly the sales inbox is useless as it does not "fully sync your inbox to any major email provider."

    I use Gmail and it doesn't sync properly if you achieve emails from your Gmail inbox.

    There is only one way to sync so its useless.

    Dont waste your time.

  • Jonathan Gennick
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    I find it useful, and it works best for me when I live in it. I consequently don't ever do email from Gmail's interface, but only from Pipedrive. The two inboxes never quite match, and I surmise there is some lag around the synching process. The interface sometimes is confusing in Pipedrive whenever multiple people respond to different emails in the middle of a thread. When that happens, I sometimes do need to look from Gmail to get a handle on things.

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