Company Specific BCC to attach to an organisation rather than a deal

Phil Latz
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Is there a way to get emails to attach to an organisation, rather than attaching to a deal or contact using the company-specific universal bcc email?   We use Pipedrive as a CRM as well as a sales management tool and occasionally we receive emails that relate at an organisation level well before a deal is initiated.  Some of our companies are small businesses with one central email address that the owner utilises and so we don't have the owner as a contact, but record everything under an organisation account. 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Phil Latz 

    Makes sense, passing on that suggestion to our team. For now there's a workaround. Although not ideal you could create a contact person with the same name as the company and save the generic email address there. Then link that person to the organisation.

    Now every time that email address receives something, or you send something there it also links to the org.