Changes in the Leads field has completely ruined importing of leads

So Pipedrive has decided to delete fields from the leads section...Now a lead has to be linked to a contact???

Well the change has completely messed up my sync as some of the leads have no contacts as the marketing company have not been able to provide a contact my last week list for instance has skipped 16 files because they have no contact names???? 

Before the change it worked EVERYTIME with no skipped files...this has now proving to be a waste of money for me now as every monday I get over 100 leads that I pay £8000 per year for....before the change the leads import was fantastic.....

Now I am having to manually input the skipped files....this weeks leads have skipped 32 files...the company name is there...the notes as to the lead is there, the address, phone number...but NO contacts...and now Pipedrive does not work for me??? ...

But why couldn't they just leave all the inputs on all sections so that we can work out which import works better for us? How do I import a lead that has no contact???? The company name is the important part of the lead...the contact can come later (hence using the title field in leads) the next part of the lead is to find the right contact??

Leads are in many forms....and on some occasion limited information...the task is to take it from a lead to a deal through analysis, field work, investigation...I wish every lead I was given had the right name to contact....blimey ...sales would be a breeze....


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    Hi @Mark Richardson , I'm sorry to hear this change has impacted you so negatively.

    The reason why we’ve done this change were the need to have just one central database of all contacts and not have them scattered across different places in PD, which was already proving to be a problem, but I can see how the recent change may not work for everyone.

    I'd also like to clarify that the contact doesn't necessarily have to be a person, it can just be the Organization name. I hope that helps to make your workflow easier.

    I’ll discuss your comments with our team and share your concerns. My apologies that you had to experience this and I understand your frustrations.

    Thank you for your understanding.